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Views From Both Sides of the Table: Special Needs| Parenting| Education

Jun 3, 2017

EP02 The Journey to Diagnosis with Merideth Bisiker

Whether your child has a diagnosis of some form of special need or you're on your own family journey to diagnosis, you will find this podcast relatable, uplifting and empowering. In today's show, I interview Merideth Bisiker, mother and business strategist, as she shares about her story about her daughters recent diagnosis of Autism and ADHD. Merideth shares how important open communication and taking proactive action have been in her ability to successfully navigate the education system.

In this episode you will find out about:

5:35 Merideth shares how intuition played a role in her journey to find out more about her daughter.

9:10 Who was the first person to approach Merideth about their concerns about her daughter and how she reacted.

13:55 The importance of open conversation.

17:56 How despite challenges with living in a small community on Vancouver Island, Meridith has felt successful navigating the systems and services that the family needed.

23:54 The reasons Merideth is quite comfortable talking about her daughter’s diagnosis even though it is very new.

27:02 Georgia’s self-awareness around her challenges and Merideth’s reaction to being asked if her daughter knows about her diagnosis.

32:33 Merideth talks about her extended family and their reactions to the diagnosis.

38:01 Why Meredith suggests we all watch the movie The Big Short.

40:20 Merideth talks about her upcoming project inspired by the Expansion Project called The Awaken Conference, alongside of her co-organizer Natasha Botbijl.

45:33 Reference to Welcome to Holland Poem


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