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Views From Both Sides of the Table: Special Needs| Parenting| Education

Jun 15, 2017

Do you need your own parent-teen whisperer? My guest today is Monica Boeru, a Certified Life Coach and a Parent Educator. As a Parent Educator, Monica's mission is to help parents navigate the pre-adolescent and adolescent years with less tension and a deeper connection between parents and their children.

Her conscious and mindful approach to parenting does not focus on the child. In fact, she believes that children are NOT the ones that need to be disciplined or controlled. Instead, she turns the spotlight on parents and takes them on a beautiful journey of self-reflection and healing so they can become highly attuned parents.

She brings old world wisdom and marries it with a modern and practical approach to create an environment in which both parent and child are in tune with each other.

On social media, she’s known as The Parent-Teen Whisperer and runs a successful private practice. 

In this episode you will find out about:

2:20 Who Monica is?

4:37 Why getting real with her past influenced her decision to do what she does.

7:12 When you see, you can't unsee.

8:46 Why it's important for parents to understand their parenting style.

10:34 How many parenting styles are there?

14:50 Who are Monica's client?

18:08 How fear influences our parenting choices.

21:39 How she helps parents with self discovery to achieve their goals.

24:40 The well intentioned parent support we seek and give that's not always helpful.

28:33 Feminine energy and how important it is to tune into it.

34:03 Kids crave 3 things... can you see me, can you hear me, can you validate me. Can you let me know I matter to you.

36:57 Triggers - and how they get in the way of our awareness and it gets us stuck

40:32 Monica's work with couples who are parenting together.

44:40 How to connect with Monica.


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