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Views From Both Sides of the Table: Special Needs| Parenting| Education

Jun 19, 2017

Life can throw you curve balls and today's guest shares with us her family's journey in the world of special needs and how it's change her life.  Sue Bassett believes everything happens for a reason and decided early on to turn her obstacles into opportunities.  Listen to find out how Sue views change as she shares her story and provides tips on how to get through challenging times.

In this episode:

2:45 - Meet Sue

7:57 - Sue talks about her journey with her daughter

10:34 - Open Heart Surgery, Angioplasty, 1500 needles, 32 blood transfusions, 400 tests and x-rays, 25 holidays in hospital and still smiling and laughing

13:38 - Life's hiccups and real talk about how she gets through

16:15 - Why she chooses to be "real" on social media

17:36 - Mother's intuition and her son's journey with being gifted, having a non-verbal learning disability and ADD

23:25 Sue talks about her decision to found Opening Hearts

30:19 How Sue has become a motivational speaker - Positively Sue

32:11 Sue talks about CHANGE - Choose Having Abundance New Growth Experiences


Connect with Sue


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