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Views From Both Sides of the Table: Special Needs| Parenting| Education

Jun 8, 2017

Being a student with a learning disability can bring about a lot of confusion when you don't understand yourself.  Join me in this episode where we talk with Casey Foote, Technology Consultant, as she talks about her childhood as a student with a learning disability and ADHD, and how she came to understand herself.  Casey is a lifelong learner and shares with us some additional tips on being an adult with a learning disability in the post secondary education system.  In this episode we talk about accommodations, self-advocacy and self-knowledge as keys to success for all students young and old.


In this episode, you will find out about:

4:11 Casey talks about the impact tech had in her decision to become a technology consultant.

5:10 Casey’s story

7:06 Casey meets Todd Cunningham and talks about how the meeting she was dragged to changed everything

8:18 How tech changed her ability to succeed

10:50 Casey talks about LearnStyle, the emphasis on technology as a tool in schools and bring your own device as part of 21st century learning

13:21 Casey as a young student.

15:45 Casey’s advice on how to support kids who learn differently.

20:37 Casey’s decision to do a degree in social work and what influenced her ability to feel she could succeed.

23:19 The stigma about accommodations for learning differences and pathways for success.

25:07 Real talk about accessing accommodations in post secondary education.

29:17 The importance of self-advocacy skills, particularly in post secondary education.

40:41 How Casey’s mom dragged her to see Todd and DJ Cunningham speak and the lightbulb moment she had as a result.

43:09 Casey’s current journey as a university student and what unfortunately derailed her – TEMPORARILY.

45:21 – Casey’s IMPORTANT TIP for future post secondary education students with learning disabilities.


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